Your daughter’s first experience at a camp for girls will be one that she remembers for the rest of her life. Parents often ask us how to prepare for such an important milestone. We explain to parents that the key to a successful first summer is confidence. A camper must feel confident that she is going to have a great time and be safe away from home. Parents have the unique ability to encourage that very confidence by confirming that a girls’ camp is a wonderful, safe, loving, structured environment. She needs to understand that she will of course miss home, but that this healthy feeling will quickly pass as she realizes just how much fun she is having! She also needs to know that there are many adults at camp committed to making her summer at Red Pine the best of her life! If you are in doubt, please call us. Connie has many great strategies for helping a child transition successfully. 952-270-0579.

How can I communicate with my daughter?
Mail call is a major part of your daughter's day. Letters and pictures are a delight!   We recommend parents to try to send regular letters, even if they are short.

Can I email my daughter?
As we are in the Northwoods, our internet can be sporadic.  We can distribute a limited number of emails for our international campers (please, only one per week). US Postal Service remains the best way to communicate with your daughter.

My daughter has never been away from home. What if she is terribly homesick?
Overcoming homesickness and achieving independence are important and sometimes difficult challenges for campers (and their families!). Campers are most successful in rising to these challenges when families and Red Pine Staff work together to support them in following through on their decision to be at camp. It’s natural for campers of all ages to miss their families, friends, and homes when they find themselves in a new environment, particularly if it is the first time at camp. Do not be concerned with the first letter home that expresses fear and anxiety. Symptoms usually disappear within the 1st day or two of the session as your camper begins to make new friends and become familiar and comfortable with her new surroundings and routines. Even experienced campers may return to find that camp may be slightly different than the previous year. Our daily staff meetings to review the needs of our campers assist us greatly in being aware of any unhappy camper and our staff will be working to assist her in her full enjoyment of camp life.

How does my camper travel to camp?
Girls may travel to and from camp by automobile, airplane or on chaperoned chartered buses from Chicago's Lake Forest Oasis. Learn more

What should I pack?
The process of packing a girl for overnight camp must seem daunting and frankly stressful! Never fear! The beauty of being a girls’ camp that has been around since 1937 is that the wheel has already been invented. Click here for Red Pine's equipment list and packing tips.

How do I ship my camper's luggage?
Please pack your camper's trunk with her linens and other clothing and ship to Red Pine at least 10 days prior to your camper's session's opening day so that her bed can be made up before her arrival. Click here for more luggage information.

Candlelight Service

Only campers, alumnae, and staff are allowed to attend the final Candlelight Service on the last evening of camp. This is a unique Red Pine tradition—a very special final ceremony to reflect on the summer’s experiences and to celebrate friendships. We respectfully request that parents and visitors honor this tradition.